Warung Selera Anda (Temporarily Closed)


This is a non-descriptive stall owned by a Malay lady. if not for the words of those who know this stall, it might be hard to find. The most popular dishes are nasi lalap, soto and gado-gado. its nasi lalap is served with a big chicken leg, with copious amounts of steamed rice, vegetables and dipping sauce. the main ingredients for its soto include mung bean noodles, rice cubes, fried chicken shreds, eggs and bean sprouts, which is then drizzled over the soto soup base. Gado-gado is a type of salad made with cucumber, blanched kangkung, bean sprouts, beancurd, rice cube and fried prawn crackers, which is then drizzled with a special peanut sauce.

Business hours:2 p.m. – 10 p.m. (sunday off) Food sometimes can be sold out at 8 p.m.