Tawau Travel

The TawauTravel.com website is a special project carried out by Senior Three students (the 2016 graduates), of Sabah Chinese High School, who have elected the subject of thematic approach.  From the end of November 2016, the students and some participating teachers initiated the planning process, started collecting information, designing and organizing the webpage. Thanks to additional inputs from the Board of Directors, parents, teachers, the public, alumni and students, the webpage finally took it present (preliminary) form in early 2017. The informational content of this webpage is to be updated and furnished by the teachers in-charge of the website, with the assistance of Senior Three students of subsequent years who elect thematic approach,  who will mainly be responsible for collecting information.

This webpage is intended as a “Tawau Travel Homepage”, and this special project is designed with the following objectives:

  1. To instill in students the sense of social responsibility as a Tawau citizen;
  2. To provide useful recreational information or reference material about Tawau to visitors; and
  3. To contribute to a more detailed and accurate geographical depiction of Tawau on Google Map.



其成立原因有三。  一、提醒学生自身对斗湖社区有一定的责任; 二、为非斗湖人提供一份简单的休闲参考讯息; 三、让谷歌地图有更清晰及完善的资料。