There are no distinctive areas for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea in Tawau.  When it comes to breakfast, people are spoilt for choices.   If there is a need to categorise them, we’ll have to look at it from the following categories:   simple, sumptuous, western style, Malaysian, salty, sweet, exotic or local.  

Bread, butter and kaya fried dough, cakes, paus (steamed buns), nasi kuning (yellow rice), nasi lemak (coconut milk rice), economic fried noodles / rice noodles / flat noodles would make a nice simple breakfast.  This simplicity may be enriched with a glass of iced coffee, iced lemon tea, iced lime drink etc.  A more complete breakfast may be one in which a nice drink is matched with a sumptuous main dish (noodles/rice noodles/flat noodles).  (more)


The lunch menu mainly overlaps with the breakfast menu, with the exception of western food and Asian style rice dishes, such as Hainan Chicken Rice, Mongolian Chicken Rice (there’s a Tawau variation to these two dishes, with the later only available for lunch), boneless chicken rice, Bak-kut-the rice (available in dry or soup variety), Indian rice Nasi Briyani and Indonesian style Nasi Lalap.  Hakka stuffed tofu (bean curd), chillis, pork blood, pork skin, bitter gourd, egg plant etc is a popular dish on the lunch menu. (more)

 chicken rice
 canton deli  Dinner

The dinner menu is mainly categorised into Western and Asian dishes.  An Asian meal may be  normal home type dishes, a scrumptious seafood meal, or may even be a simple dish of simple porridge, raw dish or pig innards (these last three are commonly eaten for supper, but have gradually become more popular for dinner).  Apart from rice dishes, noodles/rice noodles/flat noodles are also popular for dinner.  Claypot chicken rice and crab fried rice noodles are two representations of dinner here, for they are only available at dinner time.  Porridge, raw dish, claypot chicken rice and crab friend rice noodles are representations of Tawau flavour. (more)

Bread / snacks / desserts

There are numerous types of snacks in Tawau.  Apart from fried banana fritters with cheese, other popular snacks include sau pau (baked bun with roasted pork filling), thick milk tea, ice coffee, avocado / mango / durian sago, satay (pork, chicken or beef on skewers, accompanied by a thick peanut sauce, ketupat, which is rice wrapped in banana leaves, boiled, and cucumber), squid with kangkung (a type of vegetable) served with a thick peanut sauce, roasted chicken wing and egg tea (chicken eggs boiled in a herb solution).

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