Chicken Rice


1.  Mongolian Chicken Rice

This is a very distinctive Tawau dish which started business in the 1980s. The business closed during the early 21st century but recently restarted. A plate of chicken rice, served wit braised egg, anchovies, blanched whole chicken, sausages and Chinese sausages.


(Photo sourced from Mongolian Chicken Rice Facebook)

2. Joo Fatt Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is a long-established business, Hainanese descendants cooking up their own Hainanese chicken rice. A good Hainanese chicken rice has two key points, first is the rice, which should be cooked with chicken fat, with its glistering rice attracting the appetite of every eater; second is the chicken, which should be cooked just right with the bones still having bits of blood and the meat shining white with bits of pink. This kind of texture is exactly what local eaters want. To enjoy this delicacy, customers are advised to arrive early as this is a very popular dish, which is easily sold out.


(Photo sourced from斗湖新鲜事Facebook)

3.  Ah Soo Chicken Rice